During the last years, we successfully implemented more than 41 MICE projects for companies with various fields of activities. Here we can state organizations – leaders in medical, educational, economic, technological and other fields (such companies as Pinar, Gigabyte, Spectrami, ACDelco, Pyramid Scientific Office, RBL Bank, Akumentis, Micedge).


A number of people in the smallest group were 20, and in the biggest one – 380.


These figures show that we provide a full range of travel and conference services for large and small groups and events of shorter and longer duration.

Other services

Air ticket
Being certified by IATA (№61320140), we have got an authorization to sell international and/or domestic tickets to any destination in the world on behalf of the airlines.
Corporate Services
Start Travel's corporate service is a unique program that takes into account the interests of customers. Most importantly, the service provided is of high quality, while saving time and money.
Hotel booking
"Start Travel" has got agreed and signed contracts with many hotels in different countries. According to these agreements and successful cooperation with the hotels, the company gets competitive rates, which definitely moves us to the leading position among travel companies functioning in the country.
Visa support
Offering a wide range of tourism services, which includes Visa support to travellers to any destination all over the world, we provide our support in visa applications to tourists visiting our country, as well.
The insurance certificate of Start Travel company guarantees the provision of all medical assistance and payment of medical expenses in the event of a sudden illness or accident while traveling to any country in the world.
We are specialized in providing hotel, airport and other requested car transportation.